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Fiber Collimators 60FC-Q

Generation of circularly polarized laser radiation

Fiber collimators of the series 60FC-Q… from Schäfter+Kirchhoff are characterized by integrated λ/4-retardation optics for generating left-hand and right-hand circularly polarized radiation, with:

  • TILT adjustment
  • Undisturbed Gaussian beam profile
  • No aberrations from vignetting
  • Laser beam diameter 7 – 36 mm
  • Adjustable focus setting
  • Fiber connectors FC-APC and FC-PC,optionally DIN-AVIO and ST
  • Low-order retardation optics with minimal angular dependency

Adjustment in the assembled state using a cogged tool and Polarimeter SK010PA
E.g. used for magneto-optical atomic traps
Available for wavelengths between 389 and 1084 nm

Adjustment of the quarter-wave plate

Faserkollimator 60FC-Q
  • The adjustment of the retardation optics is achieved using the SK010PA Polarization Analyzer from Schäfter+Kirchhoff
  • Microbench or cage system components can be attached to the Polarization Analyzer
  • Adjustment of the retardation optics using specially designed cogged tool
  • Real-time display of the current polarization state on a Poincaré sphere

The collimators are attached to the Polarization Analyzer using a microbench or cage system adapter.

Screenshots show the original elliptical A and corrected B circular states of polarization. After removal of the special adjustment tool and tightening of the two locking screws, the retardation plate is protected against unintentional displacement during use or shipment.

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