Four-fold vacuum feed-through


Vacuum flange type KF40 with three integrated fiber cable.
  • Based on small flange KF40 (stainless steel)
  • Suitable for vacuums down to 10-7 mbar
  • Integrated polarization-maintaining fiber cables
  • Fiber type 3x PMC-780-5.3-NA012
  • Cable lengths 30/120 cm (inside / outside vacuum)
  • Connector type FC APC (both ends)


This three-fold vacuum feed-throughs made by Schäfter+Kirchhoff are equipped with three identical fiber cables of type PMC-780. The three-fold vacuum feed-through is suitable for vacuums down to 10-7 mbar and is supplied with a small flange KF40 (DIN 28403 and ISO 2861, stainless steel).

End-to-end fiber cables
The vacuum feed-throughs is supplied with non-exchangable, continous, end-to-end fiber cables. That means there are no additional fiber connections (mating) at the vacuum flange.


PM fiber cables
On the vacuum side, the fiber cables are equipped with Ø 900 μm buffer made of Hytrel. The parts of the fiber cables outside the vacuum, have a Ø 3 mm cable with Kevlar strain-relief with bend protection both at the fiber connector and the flange.


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Measurement tool for coupling into polarization-maintaining fiber cables