SBN 040401

For laser diode beam sources of electronics type B and 12 V power supply

Switchbox SBN040401
Switchbox SBN040401
Switchbox SBN040401
Switchbox SBN040401


The Switchbox SBN 040401 has one separate modulation inputs for laser diode beam sources of electronics type B and 12 V power supply.
Recommended power supply module PS120516E.


The switchbox is the interface between power supply and laser diode beam source. The integrated key switch and interlock mechanism ensure concordance with laser safety regulations. In addition, the input for TTL modulation is made available via a simple BNC connector, so that the time-consuming wiring of a special adapter cable is avoided.
Without the switchbox Schäfter+Kirchhoff laser diode beam sources are off if the modulation input is open. Internal a pull-up resistor in the switchbox however ensure that the beam source is instantly ready for use without having to apply 5 V(DC) to the input port just to turn it on. Once modulation is applied using the BNC connector, the voltage of the modulation dictates if the laser is on or off.
The switchbox can be grounded using either a clamping screw or a 4 mm phone jack. With a grounded switchbox, the phone jack can also be used to connect an antistatic wristband or mat.
The shielded metal housing also isolates the contents from electro-magnetic irradiation.
The operation of a laser source must conform to EN 60825 and this switchbox also provides the following safety features:
  • Interlock chain for the remote deactivation of the laser
  • Laser power-up is only possible using the key switch
  • LED status indicator for “Laser ON”
  • M4 thread for mounting
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Grounding connector
  • Separate modulation input connectors (BNC)
Schema SBN040401