Beam Splitter 2 ⇾ 2, 48-MCS-027

Compact, rugged and highly efficient opto-mechanical unit with fixed splitting ratio


Beam Splitter 48-MCS-027

  • Configuration 2 ⇾ 2
  • Highly efficient coupling into polarization-maintaining or single-mode fiber cables
  • Fixed splitting ratio 50 : 50
  • Compact, rugged, transportable and sealed opto-mechanical unit
  • Fully fiber-coupled
  • Very high long-term stability, efficiency and reproducability


This fiber-coupled Beam Splitter 2 ⇾ 2 is a compact opto-mechanical unit that splits two fiber-coupled sources into 2 output fiber cables with a fixed splitting ratio and a high efficiency.

Optical Setup
The input ports are fiber-coupled to SM fiber cables or PM fiber cables.
The radiation is split using a non-polarizing beam splitter cube and finally coupled again in two SM fiber cables or to two PM fiber cables.

Fiber Couplers
A fundamental component of a fiber-coupled Beam Splitters are the 
Laser Beam Couplers, which are the inputs into the opto-mechanical unit collimating the input radiation and, finally, couples the radiation back into the common fiber cables. The stability of the total Beam Splitter is determined by the stability of the laser beam coupler.


Technical data

Beam Splitter 2 ⇾ 2, 48-MCS-027

Order code
2 ⇾ 2
Splitting Ratio
50 : 50 (± 5 %)
Available wavelengths
400 - 1700 nm, monochromatic
Fiber type
Connector type
FC APC (standard)
Cable lengths
≥ 75 % @ 780 nm
Polarization Extinction Ratio
≥ 23 dB @ 780 nm
better 5 %