Iris diaphragm for fiber collimators with diameter Ø 32/34.5 mm

Iris diaphragm 25BL1-20
Iris diaphragm 25BL1-20
Iris diaphragm 25BL1-20
Iris diaphragm 25BL1-20


Iris diaphragm with an variable aperture for fiber collimators series 60FC-L/T/Q
with an outer diameter Ø 32 mm.
  • Thread mount M27x0.5 mm
  • Min. aperture Ø 1 mm
  • Max. aperture Ø 20 mm
Please note: In case of use with a single-mode / PM-fiber, the Gaussian beam from the fiber collimator is truncated by the iris diaphragm or by the pinhole


980244030100.pdf (Dimensional drawing)
980244030100.pdf (Dimensional drawing, for registered users only)

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