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Laser Macro Focus Generator with approx. circular beam profile


Laser spot with approx. circular beam profile and extended depth of focus.
  • Spot diameter: 0.135 x 0.107 mm
  • Wavelength: 520 nm
  • Working distance: 483 mm
  • Depth of focus: 36.2 mm
  • Macro Focus Generator for extended depth of focus
  • With RS232 interface


The laser diode beam source type 13MM-S500-4+55CM-520-33-O11-T15-PS-7 produces a circular laser spot with extended depth of focus. The beam profile is approx. Gaussian. More precisely it has an elliptical intensity distribution clipped by a circular aperture.

The laser has integrated electronics type PS with micro-controller for control of the laser output power and serial interface (RS232). The output power can be controlled using the modulation input ports (TTL and analog) or manually using the potentiometer.

The working distance can be adjusted by adjusting the focus setting. Please note that the spot diameter increases proportionally to the working distance. A fine-adjustment of the distance between laser and target is recommended for fine-focusing.

Technical data


Order Code
Line profile
Gaussian Intensity Distribution
520 +10/-5 nm
Laser output power
33 mW
Laser safety class
Focussing range
410-815 mm
Working distance
483 mm
Spot height
0.107 mm
Spot width
0.135 mm
Depth of focus
36.2 mm
Diameter laser module
25/28 mm
Module length
84.3 mm
Installation length
597.3 mm
Cable length
1.5 m
Connector type
Lumberg SV70 IEC 61076-2-106
Supply voltage
5 ± 0.2 V
Max. current consumption
0.5 A
Working temperature
15 - 40 °C
Modulation inputs
Input resistance
9 kOhm
9 kOhm
Max. modulation frequency
0.001 kHz
250 kHz
Modulation delay ON/OFF
3000/3000 µs
0.6/0.2 µs
Rise / Fall time
200000/200000 µs
0.2/0.2 µs


Hex key WS 1.5
Screwdriver WS 1.2
Mounting Console with flat base plate
Mounting Console with base plate with dovetail profile
Power Supply 5 V for laser modules with RS232 interface