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Fiber-Fiber Couplers 60FF, 60FF-T, 60FF-P

for interconnecting two single-mode fibers or polarization-maintaining fibers

The 60FF fiber-fiber couplers are used for interconnecting two fiber cables. They can be aligned and focused so that fiber cables with non-core centered connectors can be coupled with a low coupling loss and, additionally, the polarization axes can be aligned.

The 60FF fiber-fiber couplers are based on two 60SMS laser beam coupler. They can be used with two differing coupling focal length and/or connection types in order to interconnect different types of fibes and/or cables with differing connector types.

60FF fiber-fiber couplers are available with optics for wavelengths in the range 370 – 2300 nm.

The 60FF-T fiber-fiber coupler A is a desktop version. It is compatible to the multicube system.

Optionally, a system can be expanded using a limitless combination of multicubeTM optics and flanges, e.g. a polarizer or retardation optics.

For extending the fiber-fiber coupler, a second mounting plate and four rods are included.

The 60FF-P fiber-fiber coupler B is designed for panel mount.

There is a simplified version, the 60FF fiber-fiber coupler used for multi-mode applications C. It is based on one 60SMS laser beam couper and one 60FC fiber collimator.

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