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Large Line Sensors XL / XB / XC

for active sensor lengths up to 71 mm

The line scan cameras XL / XB / XC have an adapter flange for attaching one of the Schäfter+Kirchhoff high precision focus adapters FA26-S45 or FA26-S55. These adapters with their stable linear tracking rods provide a precise focussing travel that can be locked in the final position.

By using macro or scan lenses, an extremely robust optomechanical unit can be produced that is highly suited to the most demanding of industrial environments.

The focus adapter FA26-S45 (attachment thread M45×0.75) is used in combination with the adapter M39-45 for scan and macro lenses with the attachment thread M39×1/26".

The variant FA26-S55 (thread M55×0.75) in combination with the AC46-55 adaptor is applicable for AC46-lenses.

Alternative accessories include extension rings, lens-specific adapters and V-groove adapters, with the latter enabling the lens to be mounted at any angle of rotation.

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