Flanges and Adapters for System Mount Ø 19.5 mm

Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers numerous adapters and flanges suitable for incorporation into the "multicube" system. Standard adapters are Ø 19.5 mm with a V-groove, while flanges have throughholes for mounting onto a combination cube using rods and provide a 19.5 mm tightly fitting cylinder for centering. The depicted adapters and flanges are only a representative selection of the wide variety of components supplied by Schäfter+Kirchhoff and requests for customer-specific components are welcomed.

Adapter Flange for components with Ø 8 mm for fitting to Ø 19.5 mm system mount

Order Code 48MB-19.5 AC+8

Adapter 48MB, Dimensions

Adapter C-mount

Adapter for Ø 19.5 mm to C-mount

Order Code C-mount-19.5AC

Adapter C-Mount

Adapter for mounted Optics

Order Code 19.5AF25.4-S


Clear Aperture 5 mm, both ends with Ø 19.5 mm male/female

Order Code 13S-5-1


For Ø 19.5 mm system mounting

Order Code 48C-19.5

Adapter C-mount

Adapter for Ø 25 mm to C-mount

Order Code C-mount-25


Aperture Ø 1–13 mm Order Code 13BL1-13

Aperture Ø 0–12 mm Order Code 13BL0-12


Both ends with Ø 19.5 mm, male/female

Order Code AC19.5/19.5-S

Light Trap

For absorbing unused beams

Order Code 48LT-19.5


For upscaling Ø 12 mm components for Ø 19.5 mm mounting

Order Code 12AM-19.5


With Ø 19.5 mm, both ends

Order Code 48S-19.5

Adapter for Microscope Lenses

Adapter for Ø 19.5 mm to W0.8"×1/36"

Order Code W0.8-19.5


With Ø 19.5 mm both ends

Order Code 48T-19.5

Adapter Flange with Attenuator

Clear aperture: Ø 3 mm; Ø 19.5 mm system mount

Order Code 48AT-19.5AC-S1

Adapter for downscaling Ø 25.4 mm

components for Ø 19.5 mm mounting

Order Code 19.5AC-25

Adapter Both ends with Ø 19.5 mm mount and v-groove

Order Code 19.5AC19.5

Adapter for Microscope Lenses Ø 19.5 mm to W0.8"×1/36" outer thread

Order Code W0.8-I-19.5

Adapter for attaching Optics with Ø 8 mm, Ø 19.5 mm for attaching e.g. 5M-… or 5PF-…

Order Code 8AM-19.5

Adapter 8AM-19.5 dimensions
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