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Synchronization box SK8051

The synchronization box SK 8051 uses highfrequency TTL input signals to generate line
and frame synchronization signals using a selectable and programmable distribution of input and output frequencies, allowing control of both line and image acquisition.

Scan runs can be formulated consisting of a freely designated selection of exposures, each with a programmable number of line numbers and/or empty frames.

The maximum input frequency is 500 kHz.

Parked transport mechanisms can produce a jitter induced by the gentle oscillation of the transport motor. Direction-dependent jitter suppression prevents distorted line scans caused by transport motor jitter before the start of a scan.

The jitter filter designates a preferential forward and suppressed backwards direction for the synchronization box. Synchronization impulses are only produced in the preferential forward direction.

The synchronization box is programmed via the serial interface of the PC.

Performance Features

  • Trigger signal for Line- and Frame-Sync
  • Programmable clock
  • Maximum input frequency of 500 kHz
  • Direction-dependent jitter suppression
  • Programmable via COM port of a PC
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