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Smart Line Scan Cameras with USB 2.0 Interface

monochrome 1024 – 7500 pixels

The Smart line scan camera SK2048IJR is a stand-alone system for measuring widths and edge positions, without requiring a permanent connection to a PC. The camera starts measuring immediately upon being supplied with power and the measured data is output via RS232 as an analog signal.

An open collector switch indicates whether the measured width or edge position lies within a previously defined range or not. The measured values are read out via the serial interface as analog output up to a voltage of maximally 3.3 V.

The camera is only connected to a PC via USB 2.0 for commissioning, alignment of the optical system and for setting the camera parameters. The oscilloscope display in the SKLineScan® program is used to adjust the focus and aperture settings, for evaluating and correcting for field flattening of the lens and possible variations in orientation of the illumination and sensor. The thresholding parameters and integration time are stored in the camera and remain active and available in the measuring mode even after disconnection of the camera from the PC.

Technical Data

Measuring frequencymax. 3.3 kHz
Measuringwidth, edge position
Reproducible accuracy1 μm
External synchronizationX
Region Of Interest (ROI)X
Output1 × analog, 2 × digital (RS232)


Line Scan Camera
Order code
Pixel size [µm]
Active length [mm]
Pixel freq.
Line freq.
Anti- Bloom
Integr. cntrl
Shading Correc­tion
Thresh­old Mode
Dynam. range
Video Signal

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