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Singlemode fiber cables SMC and SMC-E

Standard singlemode fibers are rotationally symmetric step-index fibers with no defined axes of propagation. Rotational asymmetry, produced during the manufacturing process, causes irregular birefringence so that the linearly polarized radiation coupled into the fiber is transformed into elliptically polarized radiation. The state of polarization is also altered by fiber bending or by temperature variations.

Performance Features

  • Singlemode
  • Wavelength 360–1300 nm
  • Mode field diameter 2.3–11 μm
  • Fiber with low attenuation for wavelengths <460 nm
  • FC-APC or FC-PC fiber connector (other connector types available on request)
  • Amagnetic titan connectors available for FC-APC or FC-PC connectors
  • Optionally: Connectors with end caps for all fibers for lower ower density at the fiber end face (one or both ends)
  • Optionally: Core-alignment
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