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Polarization-Maintaining Single-Mode Fiber Cables PMC and PMC-E

The three defining parameters of a polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber are effective numerical aperture NAe², mode field diameter MFD and cut-off wavelength λco. Because of manufacturing tolerances, the mean specified values for NAe² and MFD may differ by up to 10%. Using fibers with end caps reduces the risk of damaging the fiber end face, by reducing the power density but without changing the numerical aperture NA of the fiber.

  • Polarization-maintaining single-mode
  • Wavelengths 360 – 1800 nm (Cut-off wavelengths from 360 to 1550 nm), each with an operational wavelength range of 100 - 300 nm (depending on cut-off wavelength)
  • Special broadband fiber RGBV with an operational wavelength range 400-680 nm
  • Fiber with low attenuation (Si) for wavelengths <460 nm
  • FC-APC or FC-PC fiber connector (other connector types available)
  • Option: Connectors with End Caps
  • Amagnetic titanium connectors available for FC- APC or FC-PC connectors
  • Polarization direction is indicated by connector index key
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