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Mounting Consoles

for Laser Diode Beam Sources Series 55CM… (Housing Ø 25/28 mm)

The mounting consoles 13MK-25-36-10 ... from Schäfter+Kirchhoff allow a precise and mechanically rugged alignment of the laser beam sources 13... .

The lasers are held by indirect clamping and the focussing and focus locking mechanisms remain accessible in the clamped state.

The mounting consoles 13ML-25-36-.. provide three degrees of freedom:

  1. Rotation 0–360° around the optical axis (roll angle ρ)
  2. In-plane rotation 0–360° (azimuth angle Φ)
  3. Translation in beam direction z


Mounting console, flat base plate;  Order Code  13MK-25-36-10-F

Mounting console, base plate with Montech profile AP-46-50;  Order Code  13MK-25-36-10-M


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