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Low-Coherence Laser Sources 51nanoFCM

Laser diode beam sources with single-mode or polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber cable

Laser diode beam sources of type 51nanoFCM have reduced power noise, reduced coherence length and low speckle contrast as a result of the internal RF modulation.

Performance Features

  • Reduced speckle contrast
  • Reduced coherence length: Coherence length ≈ 300 μm
  • Reduced power noise: < 0.1 % RMS (< 1 MHz)
  • Various types from 405 nm to 1550 nm
  • Laser output power up to 30 mW
  • Output power adjustable with potentiometer or external
    voltage control input
  • Modulation inputs for analog and TTL control (up to
    100 kHz)
  • Operation mode: constant power
  • Beam profile is rotationally symmetric with Gaussian intensity distribution
  • Single-mode fiber cable or polarization-maintaining fiber cable (polarization extinction ratio > 23 dB)
  • FC-APC connector (8°-polish), optional DIN AVIO, ST or E-2000, end caps for wavelengths < 635 nm
  • Fiber cable with strain-relief and protective sleeving (Ø 3 mm)
  • Laser safety measures conforming to IEC 825 / EN 60825-1

Option: laser diode beam source 51nanoFCM-N
OEM version without key switch nor interlock and not conforming to EN 60825-1.

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