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Laser attenuators 48AT-FC

48AT-0-... Laser Attenuators are used for reproducible and precise reduction of the power output by the laser.

The collimated laser beam is constricted by a precision ball bearing transported by a scaled micrometer screw. The subsequent singlemode fiber coupling is used as a mode filter. This mechanically stable attenuation method allows the precise and reproducible setting of the laser power output over a wide range (typically 0.5 to >60 dB).

Compared with power regulation by modulation of the laser current, the wavelength and polarizationstatus of the laser beam are preserved.

Performance Features

  • Reproducible power attenuation and safety constraints are only assured for singlemode fibers that have a Gaussian intensity profile
  • Fiber collimator and laser beam coupler with inclined or coaxial coupling axis for singlemode fibers with FC-APC or FC-PC connector (optionally F-SMA)
  • Insertion loss typically 0.5 dB, extinction >60 dB
  • Can be used as interface between different types of fiber or connector

Order Code

48 AT-0-SMS-1-4-A11 - 02 + SMS
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