Laser Diode Collimator 25CM

Laser diode collimators with integrated electronics

Laser diode collimators transform the divergent light of a laser diode into a collimated beam, while maintaining the Gaussian intensity distribution and the elliptical intensity profile. From the two emission angles of the laser diode and the focal length of the collimation optics, the orthogonal and parallel divergence angles and beam diameter can be determined, which are a function of the laser diode used for the collimation.

Performance Features

  • Collimated laser beam
  • Gaussian intensity profile
  • Laser output power up to 40 mW
  • Integrated adjustable power control < 30–100%
  • Laser wavelengths from 405 to 840 nm and optionally 1064–1550 nm
  • External modulation: TTL up to 1 MHz and analog up to 100 kHz
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC

Order Code

1= 1.5 m shielded connection cable
4= as 1, with Lumberg SV40 connector (only electronics type B)
6= as 1, with Lumberg SV50 connector (not for electronics type B)
5= customer-specified cable length
Pout [mW]
Wavelength [nm]
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