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Laser Diode Collimator 21C and 21P

A laser diode collimator transforms the divergent radiation of a laser diode into a collimated (parallel) beam. The beam profile is elliptical or circular and is defined by the beam characteristics of the laser diode. The parallel and perpendicular beam dimensions can be calculated from the beam divergence of the laser diode and the numerical aperture and focal length of the collimating lens.

Performance Features

  • Not suited for costumer mounting and alignment
  • Collimating lenses with focal lengths f’ 4–11 mm
  • Suitable for diodes of Ø 9 mm (Ø 5.6 mm with adapter)
  • With internal focussing mechanism
  • Frontal slot for fitting micro focus and micro line optics
  • Option: cable plug system 21CS/21PS for solderless contact of pins


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