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Laser Beam Couplers 60SMS

for coupling into single-mode or polarization-maintaining fibers

This opto-mechanical device with integrated precision optics and mechanical fine adjustment elements provides efficient coupling of a collimated laser beam into a single-mode fiber or polarization-maintaining fiber.

  • For single-mode or PM fiber cables
  • Inclined or coaxial coupling axis
  • Integrated tilt and focusing adjustment
  • Focal lengths up to 18 mm
  • Various optics for UV - IR
  • Choice of aspheres, achromats and apochromats
  • Sensitive alignment of the polarization axis ensured by a circular V-groove with tightly fitting cylinder
  • Various fiber connector possibilities: FC-PC, FC-APC, ST or DIN-AVIO connector, F-SMA type connectors available with 0°, 5° or 8°-polish e.g. for SMA-905 High Power connectors
  • Nickel silver (standard) or amagnetic titanium
  • Carbide bearings for the locking screws of the tilt adjustment guarantee a sensitive,
    repeatable, lateral setting of the focal position
  • Grub screws for locking the fiber ferrule, preventing any displacement
  • Adapters for various laser types and for many optical bench systems
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