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Laser Beam Couplers 60SMS-...

for diode, gas and solid state lasers 370–2300 nm

This opto-mechanical device with integrated precision optics and mechanical fine adjustment elements provides efficient coupling of a collimated laser beam into either a singlemode fiber with MFD>2 μm.

The range covers 15 different coupling focal lengths and numerous AR coatings with each covering 300–1000 nm. The inclined fiber coupling axis of type APC fiber connectors prevents back-reflection into the optical path.

Performance Features

  • For singlemode or PM fiber cables
  • Inclined or coaxial coupling axis
  • Integrated tilt and focussing adjustment
  • A selection of 21 different coupling lenses, partly achromatic or apochromatic
  • Sensitive alignment of the polarization axis ensured by a circular V-groove with tightly fitting cylinder
  • Various fiber connector possibilities, for fiber connectors type FC, ST or for extra-terrestrial applications with a DIN-AVIO connector, each with an inclined or coaxial coupling axis. F-SMA type connectors available with 0°-,5°- or 8°-polish e.g. for SMA-905 High Power connectors
  • Nickel silver, steel or amagnetic titanium
  • Carbide bearings for the locking screws of the tilt adjustment guarantee a sensitive, repeatable, lateral setting of the focal position
  • An additional grub screw locks the fiber ferrule, preventing any displacement or rotation
  • Adapters for various laser types and for many optical bench systems

Material Options: Nickel Siver, Titanium and Steel

Standard laser beam couplers are made from nickel silver with a coefficient of thermal expansion of about 19.5×10-6/K and have proven o be very stable. Schäfter+Kirchhoff now offers a range of materials for the laser beam coupler 60SMS with additional features:

Nickel Silver Laser Beam Couplers (Standard)
 • Example Order Code: 60SMS-1-4-M5-33

Steel Laser Beam Couplers 60SMS-…-SS with following additional features:
 • low coefficient of expansion (similar to optical glass)
 • high pointing stability
 • Example Order Code: 60SMS-1-4-M5-33-SS

Titanium Laser Beam Couplers 60SMS-…-TI with the following additional features:
 • low coefficient of expansion (similar to optical glass)
 • amagnetic (relative material permeability near 1)
 • low weight
 • high pointing stybility
 • Example Order Code: 60SMS-1-4-M5-33-TI


Technical Data

Order Code

AR coating
Lens type and focal length ƒ in mm
A= aspheric
M= monochromatic or achromatic
RGBV= apochromatic
Coupling axis
4= APC (8° angled polish)
0= PC (0° polish)
23= inclined 5° angled polish (for SMA-905 High Power connector)
Receptacle for
1= FC connector (standard)
AVIO= DIN-AVIO connector
ST= ST connector
SMA= F-SMA connector
For extra options attach following short codeTitanium (amagnetic):-Ti
Stainless steel:-SS
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