Laser Micro Focus Generator 13MMC+95CM

Rotationally symmetric beam profile with extended depth of focus

Laser micro focus generators of type 13MMC+95CM, use CircuLaser diodes (Blue Sky Inc.) with integrated micro-optics. The micro-optics transform the elliptical radiation emitted by the laser diode into circular radiation with a deviation maximum of 1:1.2.

The integrated electronics allow external modulation. The beam-shaping optics define the optimum working distance and the focussing range. The chosen laser module determines the wavelength and the output power and, thereby, the laser safety class.

Performance Features

  • Rotationally symmetric focus
  • Gaussian intensity profile
  • Focus Ø starting at 6 μm
  • Integrated focussing mechanism
  • Spectral range 635–830 nm
  • Laser power up to 64 mW
  • External modulation: TTL up to 250 kHz and analog up to 100 kHz
  • Output power adjustable <1 – 100%
  • Supply Voltage: 5V DC

NEW PC-interface (RS232) for laser control and data read-out: electronics types CS or PS

  • Input parameters
    • curr. laser power
    • laser power limit
  • Output parameters
    • laser current (mA)
    • temperature
    • laser output power
    • hours of operation


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