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Laser Micro Focus Generator 13M+55CM

Laser spot with elliptical Gaussian beam profile

Laser micro focus generators of type 13M+95CM generate an ellipical laser spot and have integrated electronics that can be modulated externally. The beam-shaping optics define the optimum working distance and the focussing range; the chosen laser module defines the wavelength and the output power and, thereby, the laser safety class.

The spot diameters listed in tables below are valid for the nominal working distance of the micro focus optics. Any working distance changes require refocussing within the available focussing range, with the spot diameter increasing in direct proportion with the greater working distance.

Performance Features

  • Elliptical beam profile [X6]
  • Gaussian intensity profile
  • Focus Ø starting at 8×20 μm
  • Integrated focussing mechanism
  • Spectral range 405–980 nm
  • Laser power up to 114 mW
  • External modulation: TTL up to 250 kHz and analog up to 100 kHz
  • Output power adjustable < 1 – 100%
  • Supply voltage 5V DC

NEW PC-interface (RS232) for laser control and data read-out: electronics types CS or PS

  • Input parameters
    • curr. laser power
    • laser power limit
  • Output parameters
    • laser current (mA)
    • temperature
    • laser output power
    • hours of operation


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