Low Noise Laser Micro Line Generator LNC-13LT+91CR

Low noise semi-telecentric laser line with constant line length 15 mm

The beam-shaping optics define the beam parameter line length, the optimum working distance and the focussing range. The chosen laser module defines the wavelength and the power output and, thereby, the laser safety class.

The line lengths and line widths shown in the technical data are valid for the nominal working distance of the line optics. Any working distance changes do require refocussing within the available focussing range, with line width increasing in direct proportion with greater working distance. The beam however is not telecentric anymore.

The new low noise laser diode modules from Schäfter+Kirchhoff have reduced power noise, reduced coherence length and low speckle contrast as a result of internal RF-modulation. The low noise (<0.1% RMS, @<1 MHz) and the mode-hopping free laser operation makes these laser diode modules ideal for particle measurements or advanced medical and biotechnological applications. Due to the reduced coherence length, speckle contrast might be lowered. This effect, however, becomes smaller for smaller lines.

Performance Features

  • Low noise laser module (<0.1% RMS,@<1 MHz)
  • Reduced coherence
  • Mode hopping free laser operation
  • Fan angle 0° (semi-telecentric)
  • Intensity profile [X1], Gaussian in line direction clipped by an aperture with typ. 80% edge intensity; Gaussian perpendicular to constant line width
  • Line width starting at 12 μm (1/e²) as a function of working distance
  • Line length constant 15 mm
  • Integrated focussing mechanism
  • Spectral range 405–980 nm
  • Integrated power control <1–100%
  • Laser power up to 25 mW
  • External modulation: TTL up to 100 kHz and analog up to 100 kHz
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC


Laser Micro Line Generator LNC-13LT+91CR, dimensions
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