Laser Macro Line Generator 5LTM+25CM

Semi-telecentric laser line with extended depth of focus

The beam-shaping optics define the beam parameter line length, the optimum working distance and the focussing range. The chosen laser module defines the wavelength and the power output and, thereby, the laser safety class.

The line lengths and line widths as shown in the technical data are valid for the nominal working distance of the line optics. Any working distance changes do require refocussing within the available focussing range, with line width increasing in direct proportion with greater working distance. The beam however is not telecentric anymore.

Performance Features

  • Fan angle 0° (semi-telecentric)
  • Intensity profile [X2]: Gaussian in line direction clipped by an aperture with typically 40% edge intensity
  • Spectral range 405–830 nm
  • Line width starting at 48 μm (1/e²) as a function of working distance
  • Constant line lengths of 4.8 or 2.4 mm
  • Laser power up to 27 mW, adjustable using potentiometer
  • Supply power 5V DC
  • External modulation: TTL up to 1 MHz and analog up to 100 kHz
  • Integrated power control <30 – 100%
  • Rev. polarity / overvoltage protection


Laser Micro Line Generator 5LT+25CM, dimensions
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