Low Noise Laser Diode Collimator LNC-96CR

Low noise laser diode collimators with circular profile and integrated electronics

Laser diode collimators of type 96CR, use CircuLaser diodes (Blue Sky Inc.) with integrated micro-optics. The micro-optics transform the elliptical radiation emitted by the laser diode into circular radiation with a deviation maximum of 1:1.2.

The divergent light of the laser diode is transformed into a collimated beam, while maintaining the Gaussian intensity distribution and the circular intensity profile. From the two emission angles θ and θ|| of the laser diode and the focal length of the collimation optics, the orthogonal and parallel divergence angles and beam diameter can be determined, which are a function of the laser diode used for the collimation.

The new low noise laser diode modules from Schäfter+Kirchhoff have reduced power noise, reduced coherence length and low speckle contrast as a result of internal RF-modulation. The low noise (<0.1% RMS, @<1 MHz) and the mode-hopping free laser operation makes these laser diode modules ideal for particle measurements or advanced medical and biotechnological applications. Due to the reduced coherence length, speckle contrast might be lowered. This effect, however, becomes smaller for smaller spots.

Performance Features

  • Low noise laser module (<0.1% RMS,@<1 MHz)
  • Reduced coherence
  • Mode hopping free laser operation
  • Collimated laser beam [X5]
  • Gaussian intensity profile
  • Laser output power up to 38 mW
  • Integrated adjustable power control <1–100%
  • Laser wavelengths from 635 to 828 nm
  • External modulation: TTL up to 100 kHz and analog up to 100 kHz
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC


LNC-96CR, dimensions
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