Low noise Laser Diode Collimator LNC-91CM flatbeam®

The laser collimator LNC-91CM flatbeam® projects a collimated laser beam with high edge intensity and minimal beam divergence. The correct choice of aperture can ensure the production of an illuminated area of almost constant lighting intensity. Applications include shadow-edge analysis and measurement methods relying upon diffraction.

Performance Features

  • Low noise laser module (<0.1% RMS,@<1 MHz)
  • Reduced coherence
  • Mode hopping free laser operation
  • Telecentric laser beam, beam / intensity distribution X3
  • Beam divergence: approx. 0.014 mrad
  • Beam aperture: 17–37 mm
  • Intensity distribution: axis A-A flat top (rectangular)
  • Edge intensity axis A–A > 80% (typ.)
  • Intensity distribution axis B-B: Gaussian distribution of beam
  • Wavelength 635–660 nm
  • Beam/intensity profile X4: flatbeam®-laser beam restricted by the aperture 13-A…
  • Integrated electronics for regulating laser performance level, setting of desired level using a potentiometer
  • External modulation: TTL up to 100 kHz and analog up to 100 kHz
  • Output performance adjustable from < 1–100%
  • Power supply 5V DC
  • Strong metal casing


laser diode collimator LNC-91CM
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