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Laser Diode Universal Collimator 50BM

Modular assembly system for the rapid and precise mounting, adjustment and collimation of laser diodes

The universal laser diode collimator system 50BM-… with attached beam-shaping and fiber optics from Schäfter+Kirchhoff provides a range of laser system configurations with 1000s of combinations of laser beam-shaping optics for data transmission, medical applications, industrial measurement and sensor techniques, analysis, biosensors and nanotechnology.

The 50BM-… system is ideal for the self-assembly of laser diodes with 9 mm casings or smaller using the appropriate adapter. The galvanically decoupled ball bearing provides precise adjustment for laser diodes with lower power outputs of < 120 mW and wavelengths < 600 nm.

Performance Features

  • Modular assembly system for the quick and precise mounting, adjustment and collimation of laser diodes 390–2300 nm
  • Suitable for diodes of Ø 9 mm (Ø 5.6/3.8 mm with adapter) and P < 120 mW
  • Collimation of beam-shaping optics for the generation of micro focus and laser lines
  • Laser beam coupling into polarization-maintaining singlemode fiber cable with mode field diameters (MFD) ≥2 μm

Collimation lenses 50CL-…

  • Transform the divergent diode laser radiation into a parallel laser beam.
  • Focal lengths from f’ 4 mm to f’ 60 mm
  • AR coatings cover 350–2300 nm range, each with bandwidths of 250 to 600 nm

Collimator base 50BM

  • Integrates laser diode, collimation lens and cable connection system for the laser current supply.
  • Galvanically decoupled laser diode mounting with ball bearing (no freeplay). Precise x/y-adjustment of the laser diode, which is fastened using a threaded ring.
  • Lens socket with cylindrical fit and fine thread. Internal lens focussing of 50CL: left or right-hand turn of the collimation lens provides a fine adjustment of the collimation or focus of the laser beam, even with attached beam-shaping optics
  • Frontal cylinder mounting with locking screws for the positive attachment of beam-shaping optics. The beam-shaping optics provide laser lines, micro focus optics or laser beam coupler for singlemode fiber cables.
  • The laser module can be integrated into the microbench system using rods of Ø 6 mm with 30 mm pitch.

Laser diode 600–2300 nm

The laser diode socket accepts laser diodes with Ø 9 mm casing and can also be used for the correct placement and centering of diodes with Ø 5.6 mm casing by using the Adapter 50AL-5.6.

Cable connection system 50CS-…

Electrically isolated, solderless, spring contacts for the laser diode. Cable housing with screw cap and integrated cord grip.

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