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Fiber Optics

For fiber optical applications a large variety of modular components is available. Complex fiber optical assemblies like the Fiber Port Clusters are globally used by leading research institutes working on, e.g., quantum optics or atmospheric research. Apochromatically corrected RGBV optics are provided for fluorescence microscopy and other biophotonic applications.

Fiber Couplers: Incouplers and Collimators

Fiber Couplers and Collimators are used for collimating laser radiation exiting an optical fiber or for coupling a collimated beam into an optical fiber cable.

Laser Beam Couplers

Fundamentals: Laser Beam Couplers

To achieve the optimum coupling efficiency, the best combination of focal length, NA and coating have to be determined.

Laser Beam Couplers 60SMS

This opto-mechanical device with integrated precision optics and mechanical fine adjustment elements provides efficient coupling of a collimated laser beam into a single-mode fiber or polarization-maintaining fiber.

Fiber-fiber Couplers 60FF / 60FF-T / 60FF-F

The 60FF fiber-fiber couplers are used for interconnecting two fiber cables. They can be aligned and focused so that fiber cables with non-core centered connectors can be coupled with a low coupling loss and, additionally, the polarization axes can be aligned.

Fiber Collimators

Fiber collimators 60FC

  • Focal lengths up to 20 mm
  • Compact Ø12 mm housing
  • Various optics for UV - IR
  • Choice of aspheres, achromats and apochromats
  • Gaussian beam profile when used with single-mode (PM) fibers
  • Reverse use as an incoupler
  • Adjustable focus position using eccentric key
  • Grub screws for locking the fiber ferrule
  • Front connector accepts attachment optics
  • Amagnetic collimators made from Titanium on request

Accessories for 60FC-...

Micro-Focus Optics 5M

Polarization Filters 5PF

Retardation Optics 5WP


Fiber Collimator 60FC-…-XV with Flush Hole

Allows purging of the fiber coupler with a gas such as Nitrogen

Fiber collimators 60FC-L, 60FC-T

  • Collimating optics with focal lengths f' = 20–20 mm for 3.6–36 mm beam diameters
  • Inclined coupling axis for connectors of the type FC-APC
  • With and without Tilt adjustment for aligning the optical axis with the mechanical axis
  • Front connection for the attachment of optical adapters

Accessories for 60FC-L-..., 60FC-T-...

  • Micro focus optics 13M-… and 25M-…
  • Polarisation filters 13PF-…

Iris diaphragms 5BL-…,13 BL-… , 25 BL-… , 40 BL-…

  • For adjusting the collimated beam diameter

Clamp Collars CC-…

  • For adjusting the collimated beam diameter

Fiber Couplers 60FC-F with fine-focussing mechanism

  • Focussing via fine-focussing mechanism adjustable with knurled ring
  • Focal lengths 4.5 to 18 mm
  • Beam diameters from 0.8 – 2.15 mm (NAe² 0.09)
  • Compact Ø 12 mm housing
  • High pointing stability

Fiber collimators 60FC-Q with integrated quarter-wave plate

Integrated λ/4-retardation optics for generating left-hand and right-hand circularly polarized radiation, with:

  • TILT adjustment
  • Undisturbed Gaussian beam profile
  • No aberrations from vignetting
  • Laser beam diameter 7–36 mm

Fiber collimators with elliptical beams 60FC-E

  • Gaussian profile
  • Elliptical axis ratios, e.g. 15:5 mm
  • Integrated quarter-wave plates as option

Fiber couplers 60FC-SMA for SMA-905 High Power Connectors

  • Compatible with photonic crystal fibers with high power SMA 905 connector
  • Suitable for high power applications
  • Integrated tilt and focusing adjustment
  • Alignment of the polarization axis with a groove in the connector
  • Large variety of optics for different input and output beam diameters

Fiber couplers 60FC-K for kineMATIX® optomechanics

  • Flexible interchanging of fiber cables (singlemode, polarization-maintaining and end cap fiber cables)
  • FC-APC, FC-PC, DIN-AVIO and SMA with coaxial and inclined coupling axis
  • Large variety of optics for many different input and output beam diameters, partly achromatic or apochromatic (RGBV)

Anamorphic beam-shaping Optics 5AN

  • Radially symmetric output beam achieved by down scaling of the longer elliptical axis (beam-shaping factor 0.33 – 0.63)
  • Integrated astigmatism correction
  • No lateral beam shift or beam deviation as with anamorphic prism pairs
  • Various optics UV-IR

Expansion Optics 48EO

The best coupling efficiency for beam diameters <0.4 mm is achieved when the laser beam is expanded in advance.

Fiber Cables

The fibers from Schäfter+Kirchhoff are singlemode and polarization-maintaining. The fiber facette can have either a 0°-polish (PC) or an 8°-polish (APC) to prevent backreflection into the radiation source. The connector types available are FC, DIN AVIO, ST, E2000, and F-SMA. The 60SMS-... Laser Beam Couplers provide efficient coupling to the fibers, while collimation is performed using the 60FC-... Fiber Collimators for both PC and APC fiber types.

Fundamentals: fibers and fiber connectors

Polarization-maintaining fiber cables PMC-…

  • Wavelengths 360–2000 nm
  • FC-APC and FC-PC connectors (F-SMA and E2000 type connectors available on request)
  • Amagnetic titanium connectors available for FC-APC or FC-PC connectors
  • PMC-E-…: Polarization-maintaining singlemode fiber cable with end caps for reduced power density at the fiber end face

Singlemode fiber cables SMC-…

  • Wavelength 360–2000 nm
  • FC-APC or FC-PC fiber connector (other connector types available on request)
  • Amagnetic titan connectors available for FC-APC or FC-PC connectors
  • SMC-E-…: Singlemode fiber cable with end caps for reduced power density at the fiber end-face

Components for photonic crystal fibers PCF-…

For Photonic Crystal Fibers, Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers:

  • Laser beam coupler and fiber collimators (also for kineMATIX) available
  • FC-APC, FC-PC: laser beam coupler 60SMS-… and fiber collimators 60FC-…
  • For SMA-905 High Power connector (0°, 5° and 8°-polish): fiber coupler 60FC-SMA-T-…

Multimode fiber cables MMC-…

  • High OH-/ Low OH- for UV and VIS radiation or VIS and NIR radiation, respectively
  • FC-APC or FC-PC fiber connector (other connector types available on request)
  • Amagnetic titan connectors available for FC-APC or FC-PC connectors

Fiber-optic beam splitter FBS-…

  • Wavelength 460–1550 nm
  • Standard splitting ratio 50:50
  • FC-APC and FC-PC Connectors

Special Configurations:

Different configuration
Different splitting ratio
Fiber-optic beam splitters with vacuum feed-throughs or casing feed-throughs

Vacuum Feed-Throughs V-…

  • Polarization-maintaining, singlemode or multimode fiber cables
  • Two different flange types: small flange KF16 and screw-type flange M12×1 mm
  • FC-APC and FC-PC connectors (ST, DIN AVIO, F-SMA and E2000 type connectors available on request)
  • V-E-...: Vacuum feed-through with connectors with end caps with singlemode and PM-fibers for a reduced power density at the fiber end face (one or both ends)

Casing Feed-Throughs CFT-…


Fiber delay lines CAS-...

  • Fiber cables, spooled in a compact cassette
  • Singlemode or polarization-maintaining
  • CAS-E-…: Fiber Delay Lines with connectors with end caps with singlemode and PM-fibers for a reduced power density at the fiber end face (one or both ends)

RGBV Fiber Optics

RGBV Laser beam combiner

  • Apochromatic-corrected optics for the simultaneous coupling of 405, 460/488, 532 and 630 nm
  • laser beams with high efficiency
  • RGBV laser beam couplers and collimators
  • Integration unit for combining RGBV lasers, each coupled to a polarization-maintaining singlemode fiber
  • Dichroic mirrors for combining lasers with different colors
  • Polarization-maintaining broadband fiber cables for the wavelength range 405–660 nm

RGBV Laser beam combiner with AOTF

  • Apochromatic-corrected optics for the simultaneous coupling of 405, 460/488, 532 and 630 nm
  • laser beams with high efficiency
  • Adjacent AOTF for fast switching between wavelengths
  • Polarization-maintaining broadband fiber cables for the wavelength range 405–660 nm


EOM electro-optical modulators with fiber optics

  • Electro-optical modulators (EOMs) for amplitude, phase or frequency modulation of laser beams
  • Ruggedized systems for many different modulation tasks can be implemented using fiber optic components from Schäfter+Kirchhoff

AOM acousto-optical modulators

  • An acousto-optical modulator (AOM, Bragg cell) diffracts light by using sound waves
  • Used for Q-switching, signal modulation and frequency control

AOTF acousto-optical tunable filters

  • Acoustic waves of different frequencies for controlling diffraction of the beam
  • For wavelength separation or diffraction of broadband sources at one common point

Electromagnetic shutter

  • Free aperture Ø3 mm
  • Bistable
  • For use with the "multicube" system
  • Controller with USB interface


Faraday isolators

  • Standard wavelengths 400–1080 nm
  • Isolation > 30 dB, insertion loss < 0.5 dB
  • Apertures Ø3 mm or Ø5 mm
  • Compatible with "multicube" and micro-bench systems

Applications with Faraday isolators

  • Fiber coupling with beam-shaping and protection against back-reflections
  • Cascadable fast laser switch with back-reflection protection
  • External cavity (EC) laser with polarization-maintaining fiber optics
  • Fiber coupling of a single pulse picosecond laser system

Customized Fiber Optical Solutions

  • Coupling of COHERENT Innova lasers 351 nm / 364 nm
  • Switchable multi-colour system 467, 488 nm, 514 nm, and 633 nm for fluorescence microscopy
  • Coupling of COHERENT Sapphire HP laser with external, fiber-coupled AOM
  • Applications

Construction Kit "Multicube"

"multicube" system

  • For integration of laser beam couplers, beam combiners, beam splitters, retardation optics and polarizers
  • For rugged and distortion-free setups without the need for an optical breadboard
  • Microbench compatible

Beam splitter and combiner, polarizers and retardation optics

  • With adjustment mounts for the "multicube" system

Adapters and Accessories

  • For different optics diameters and threads
  • Screws, rods and tools

Fiber-fiber couplers 60FF-...

  • For coupling fiber cables with different types of connectors
  • For singlemode coupling fibers with different numerical apertures
  • For coupling polarization-maintaining fiber cables with high polarization extinction ratios

Fiber-coupled Faraday Isolator

Fiber Port Cluster 1 to 4

Laser attenuators 48AT-FC

  • Reproducible and precise attenuation of fiber-coupled laser power
  • Polarization maintaining
  • Coupling of various fiber and connector types
  • For fiber connectors of the types FC-PC, FC-APC and more

Fiber-Coupled Laser Sources

Laser diode collimator 48TE-SOT-...

  • For laser diodes in 9 mm (TO 9), 5.6 mm (TO 5.6) or TOW housings
  • Laterally adjustable and focussable
  • Integrated thermo-electric cooling
  • Collimating optics for the wavelengths 370 - 1550 nm

Laser diode beam source 58FCM-…

  • Fiber-coupled diode lasers
  • Polarization-maintaining singlemode fiber
  • Wavelengths 405–1330 nm

HeNe laser with fiber optics, singlemode and polarization-maintaining

  • Fiber coupling of HeNe lasers from various manufacturers
  • Output powers up to 28 mW
  • Polarization maintaining
  • High coupling efficiency

Fiber-Coupled Laser Beam Sources with Low Noise and Reduced Coherence Length

Laser diode beam source 51nanoFCM-…

  • Polarization-maintaining singlemode fiber-coupled diode lasers
  • Low noise version with decreased coherence length
  • Wavelengths 405–1330 nm
  • Laser source with multiple outputs

Laser diode beam source 51nanoFI-...

  • Fiber-coupled diode lasers with integrated Faraday isolator
  • Low noise version with reduced coherence length
  • Polarization-maintaining singlemode fiber
  • Wavelengths 405–1330 nm

Laser diode beam source 51nanoTE-…

  • Fiber-coupled diode lasers with integrated temperature control
  • Polarization-maintaining singlemode fiber-coupled diode lasers
  • Low noise and reduced coherence length
  • Wavelengths 405–1550 nm

Measurement Tools

Polarization Analyzer SK010PA-...

A universal measurement and test system for laser beam sources with polarization-maintaining fiber optics

  • Compatibel with micro-bench for free beam applications, FC-APC adapter included for fiber applications
  • Special routines for PM fiber evaluation and alignment, for both coherent and incoherent laser sources
  • Adjustment and evaluation of wave plates, e.g. adjustment for left or right-handed circular polarization in free beams
  • USB 2.0 powered device, plug & play, control and power supply via USB interface
  • Measurement of the four Stokes parameters for display on a Poincaré sphere or as polarization ellipse

Laser Safety

Laser Safety Goggles

  • Laser safety goggles
  • Laser safety and warning signs

Beam detection cards

Fiber Optics, Components and Tools for Fundamental Research

Fiber Optics, Components and Tools for Fundamental Research

  • Quantum optics - biophotonics - atmospheric physics
  • Fiber-optic beam delivery and splitting system
  • Polarization maintaining
  • Variable power splitting
  • Cascadable number of input and output ports
  • Optionally dichroic for combining and splitting several distinct wavelengths

Titanium Components for Fiber Optics

  • Titanium fiber-optic components e.g. for extra stability in the UV-range < 400 nm or applications for space
  • Components with low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Amagnetic fiber connectors
  • Titanium Laser beam coupler 60SMS
  • Large variety of Titanium fiber collimators
  • Large variety of Titanium "multicube" elements and optomechanical equipment
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