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Fiber-Optic Beam Splitters Type FBS

Fiber-optic beam splitters split the radiation guided in a Single-mode fiber into two single-mode fibers

Fiber-optic beam splitters from Schäfter+Kirchhoff have a splitting ratio up to 1:99 and are provided for wavelengths between 460 and 1500 nm. The bandwidth is within ±1% of the designed wavelength and insertion loss is approximately 1 dB at 460–700 nm and 0.5 dB at 700–1550 nm.

The fiber-optic beam splitters have 3 or 4 ports and are ideal for use in interferometric or other setups. Thes are availabe with Ø 3 mm cabling and Kevlar strain-relief or with a Ø 900 μm buffer only.

Th fiber-optic beam splitters are terminated with connectors of type FC-PC, FC-APC (or ST, SMA, E2000 or DIN-AVIO) or corealigned (<0.5 μm).

Customized products, such as with a different number of output ports, are available on request.

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