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Fiber Collimators Type 60FC-L and 60FC-T

Collimate the radiation exiting from an optical fiber to a large diameter beam

The fiber collimators 60FC-L-… incorporate the following beneficial features:

  • Focal lengths up to 200 mm, large apertures
  • Various optics for UV - IR
  • Choice of monochromats or achromats
  • Gaussian beam profile when used with single-mode and PM-fibers
  • Reverse use as an incoupler
  • Adjustable focus setting
  • Grub screws for locking the fiber ferrule
  • Front connector accepts attachment optics
  • Amagnetic collimators made from Titanium on request

Additional features of type 60FC-T:

  • integrated TILT adjustment, for adjusting the beam axis to the mechanical axis, so there is:
    - no vignetting of the collimated beam
    - no diffraction arising from the clipped beam.
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