Fiber Collimators 60FC-F

with fine-focussing mechanism

The fiber collimators of type 60FC-F are characterized by a fine-focussing mechanism while the type 60FC fiber collimators are collimated by means of an eccentric key.

The lens in these fiber collimators is spring-loaded and is axially adjusted by use of a fine-thread with 0.5 mm pitch. The linear bearing ensures that the lens does not rotate when adjusting the focus – providing a high level of pointing stability.

Fiber collimators of type 60FC-F are available with several focal lengths and a variety of coatings.

  • Focal lengths 4.5 to 18 mm
  • Beam diameters from 0.8 – 2.15 mm (NAe² 0.09)
  • Compact Ø 12 mm housing
  • Fine-focusing mechanism with 0.5 mm pitch, adjusted using a knurled ring
  • High pointing stability
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