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Casing Feed-Throughs CFT and CFT-E

The fiber cables with casing feed-through made by Schäfter+ Kirchhoff are equipped with Single-mode fibers, polarizationmaintaining single-mode or multi-mode fibers for wavelengths from 360 to 1800 nm (in case of Single-mode: cut off wavelengths 360–1550 nm).

Inside the casing, the fiber cables have a Ø900 μm buffer made of Hytrel. Outside the casing, there is a Ø3 mm cable with Kevlar strain-relief at the fiber connector and at the flange.

The cable feed-through CFT is installed by threading the outside part of the cable through an aperture from the inside of the casing.

For casingfeed-throughs with single-mode fibers, the outside connector can be core-aligned (< 0.5 μm) as an option.

Single-mode and polarization-maintaining casing feed-thoughs can be equipped with end caps for reducing the power density at the fiber end-face (type CFT-E).

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