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Anamorphic Beam-Shaping Optics 5AN

Transforms a Collimated Laser Beams with Elliptical Cross-section into a Circular beam or Vice Versa

A circular beam profile may be preferred over the elliptical profile usually provided by laser diodes LD or by tapered amplifiers TA. Anamorphic optics act one-dimensionally on the elliptical profile of the collimated beam and adjust the larger beam diameter to the dimension of the smaller one, producing a radially symmetric beam.

The anamorphic beam-shaping optics type 5AN are cylinder lens systems and, therefore, can be additionally used to correct the astigmatic difference ΔAs of the LD or TA through a refocusing of the optical system. Coupling efficiencies to single-mode fibers of 80% or more are possible when using anamorphic beam-shaping optics (depending on the beam characteristics of the LD or TA).

Performance Features

  • Radially symmetric output beam achieved by down scaling of the longer elliptical axis (beam-shaping factor 0.33 – 0.63)
  • Integrated astigmatism correction
  • No lateral beam shift or beam deviation as with anamorphic prism pairs
  • Various optics UV-IR
  • Clear aperture 5 mm
  • Diffraction-limited optics pair
  • Ø19.5 mm system mount: Full integration with multicube™system / 30 mm cage system, collimators and adapters
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