Tools for Assembly and Adjustment

Adjustment Tools

1 Eccentric key

Order Code 60EX-4 (for focal lengths < 12 mm)
Order Code 60EX-5 (for focal lengths ≥ 12 mm)

2 Screwdriver 1.2 mm Order Code 9D-12

3 Hex screwdriver SW 1.5 mm Order Code 50HD-15

Additional Adjustment Tools

4 Eccentric key with long handle

Order Code 60EX-4-L (for focal lengtsh < 12 mm)
Order Code 60EX-5-L (for focal lengths ≥ 12 mm)

Iris Diaphragm

Aperture for centering of the adapter 60A19.5-F to the laser beam
Ø 1–13 mm

Order Code 13BL1-13

Polarization Analyzer

The polarization analyzer series SK010PA-VIS/NIR is a comprehensive universal measurement and test system ("polarimeter") for free beam applications and laser beam sources with polarization-maintaining fiber optics.


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