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Corrosion Inspector

Measurement and evaluation of corrosion phenomena on coated test plates
 • Filiform - Evaluation according ISO 21227-4
 • Delamination and Corrosion - Evaluation according ISO 4628-8
 • Corrosion sites - evaluation of multi-impact acc. ISO 20567-1, degree of blistering acc. ISO 4628-2

Filiform corrosion is a special corrosion phenomena that often affects coated aluminum and low alloy steels. The corrosion creeps between the metal and the coating, typically in the shape of fine filaments.

During the development of coating systems with improved corrosion resistance as well as for quality control of coated components, a large number of coated test plates is produced. These plates are scribed and then weathered in special climate chambers to start the corrosion.

Conventionally, the resulting corrosion phenomena are then manually and visually evaluated, often using a magnification glass with an integrated scale, a very tedious work, which is error-prone and subjective. The Corrosion Inspector scans a standardized test plate in 0.8 seconds with an optical resolution of 0.04 mm.

The coaxial illumination, either as a bright field or as a dark field, ensures the high contrast image of the corrosion structures. The software automatically detects the shape, length and corrosion area and evaluates it according to the relevant standards.

The system was developed for rapid and objective corrosion evaluations with high sample throughput. The automatic evaluation takes 2 -3 seconds. Including documentation in an image and Excel sheet, the test process for a sample plate is completed in 5 seconds.

Bright-field illumination (Sensor Head Angle 0°)

With bright-field illumination, the incident light is perpendicular to the test plate. Horizontal surfaces reflect the most light into the camera and appear bright. The incident light reflected from steep structures or edges is not captured and these appear dark. This is ideal for the evaluation of filiform corrosion, as the finest filaments and faults are revealed at high contrast.

Dark-field illumination (Sensor Head Angle -15°…+15°)

Corrosion Inspector, Dark-field illumination

Dark-field illumination with a sensor head angle of -15° to +15° provides good imaging results at corrosion areas with shallow ramped edges. These appear bright, while flat areas are mapped dark.

Typical of the dark field illumination is the relief-like imaging of surface structures.

Technical Data

Total measurement timemax. 5 s
Measurement areamax. 80 mm × 200 mm
Resolution40 µm/Pixel (24 Pixel/mm)
Depth of focus
± 1.2 mm (2z = 2.4 mm for k = 8)
InterfaceGigabit Ethernet
Operating temperature+5°…+45°C
Adapter consolerotatable, ± 15°
Scan velocity
max. 250 mm/s
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