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Our goal is to make products that are high quality and long lasting. We are convinced that this is one of the ways in which we can contribute to sustainability in a natural and purposeful way.
However, we know that this is only one small aspect. We try to do the best we can on a daily basis:

100% Green Power: 
All of our electricity is sourced from environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy.

A workplace easily accessible by public transportation: 
Most commute to work using public transportation or biking.

Travel by train is strongly encouraged for all of our business trips. We avoid short-haul flights and unnecessary driving. It is always recommended to use public transportation.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: 
We reuse most of our trade show materials, including all of the background construction, display tables and cases, and our exhibits, to avoid unnecessary waste.

Paperless Office: 
We're not 100% there yet. But we've adapted all our R&D, production and office processes to use as little or no paper as possible.

Our products are designed in such a way that they can be repaired - even after decades of use.

Product Convertibility: 
Because most products come in a variety of configurations, it is usually easy to modify them to meet a different need.

Energy and resource efficient manufacturing: 
Parts that do not meet the standard are not discarded. They are reworked until they meet the requirements, avoiding unneccessary waist and scrap metal.

Substances of very high concern:
Our goal is to be free from the use of substances of very high concern, e.g. lead, in our products.

Non-essential surface tratments:
We eliminate non-essential galvanic surface treatments where we can.

Shuttle Packaging: 
We are in the process of talking to our customers about shuttle packaging. With frequent suppliers we already have partial shuttle packaging.