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Design, production and global distribution of line scan camera systems, laser sources and fiber optic components for industrial and scientific applications

Line Scan Cameras

Fiber Optic Components

Laser modules for structured illumination

Laser diode collimators

Special developments

An extensive variety of CCD linescan camera systems is available, complete with, e.g., GigE Vision, USB 3.0, or CameraLink interface. Compact and ruggedized sensor heads with integrated bright-field illumination are provided for demanding environments as present, e.g., in polar reasearch.

For fiber optical applications a large variety of modular components is available. Complex fiber optical assemblies like the Fiber Port Clusters are globally used by leading research institutes working on, e.g., quantum optics or atmospheric research. Apochromatically corrected RGBV optics are provided for fluorescence microscopy and other biophotonic applications

Laser line generators, laser micro-focus and pattern generators are, e.g., used for 3D measurement tasks, using laser triangulation or laser light-sectioning techniques. All models come ready to use with an internal electronics. Newly developed types like the SK-40 series come with a digital interface for computer controlled configuration and modulation.

Compact laser diode collimators for OEM applications or for laboratory use. For laser diodes with Ø9 mm, Ø5.6 mm and TO-18 housings. Thermo-electrically controlled versions additionally for TO3 and TOW2.

As accessories, a large variety of collimating lenses and lens attachments is available.

Special developments and customized solutions are the icing on the cake of an engineer's life. Click here to learn more about, e.g., our spaceflight applications, the Schäfter+Kirchhoff welding monitor, or our customized solutions for polar and atmospheric research.

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